About ayondo

Our Group's missions and aims are to:

  • Revolutionise the retail trading and investment space
  • Always act with complete integrity and transparency
  • Empower our clients by providing the most intuitive, rewarding and innovative execution of financial products in the marketplace
  • Create a level playing field by providing a one-stop offering, the best possible service, and unique tools to help our clients become happy and successful investors

ayondo is a global Financial Technology group with subsidiaries authorised and regulated in the UK (FCA) and Germany (BaFin) and additional offices in Singapore, Spain and Switzerland, offering innovative trading and investment solutions for retail and institutional customers.

We consider our group as one of the FinTech pioneers in Europe which has seized the opportunity arising from emerging digital technologies and changing trends in the financial industry. By combining trading and investment with elements of social media, our group is disrupting the traditional asset management industry by offering an alternative way to trade and invest through Social Trading. Social Trading represents a fast-growing innovation, with a very high growth rate (Example Germany: CAGR of 213%1), which allows traders to share and follow other traders’ trading and investment strategies automatically, proportionally and on a real-time basis.

1 Source: “The FinTech Market in Germany – Final Report October 17, 2016” by Professor Dr. Gregor Dorfleitner, Jun. and Professor Dr. Lars Hornuf
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